Reiki is not a magical cure and is not an alternative to conventional medicine but it is a natural, calm therapy that promotes the body’s natural process of self-healing and is enjoyed by many.

Reiki is an energy healing therapy, developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 20th century, as an alternative therapy for overall wellbeing. From the Japanese word "Rei" meaning divine or spirit and "Ki" meaning universal energy together meaning "universal life energy", in other energy healing practices or traditions this same energy is called Chi, Qi, or Prana.

After studying theology and buddhism to better understand Buddha and Jesus' healing miracles, Dr. Usui went on a retreat up Mount Kuri Yama where he received enlightenment and the healing energy. With connections back to the Chinese medicine Qigong, that was first practiced thousands of years ago in ancient Tibet, the idea of Yin & Yang (passive & active) to heal the mind and body through movement and meditation, the Reiki healing practice has similar ideologies and practices. 

Reiki is used by the practitioner to assist in the healing of physical and emotional concerns. It is a non-invasive treatment that is done without physical manipulation of the body, the therapist directs energy with the palms on their hands to areas of the body and aura field while the patient is either laying or sitting down. 

You may experience many different things while in a treatment a few examples are gentle warmth, seeing colours, floating, stomach rumbling, tingling and emotions being released. 

Crystal Healing

This is very similar to a traditional Reiki treatment but with crystals that are compatible to each chakra and to that persons need. This enhances the effects of the Reiki energy on that persons specific issue.

Crystals are intuitively chosen by myself for each person then is then placed either on or next to the chakra being worked on. Often people feel the energy stronger with crystals and that they have a much deeper impact.

Distant Healing 

Distant Reiki treatments are there for when we need that healing energy but prefer to have them in the comfort of our own home or even that the Reiki therapist is too far away to travel to.

It works by an experienced Reiki practitioner sending the Reiki energy to a person at an agreed time and place, where they work through all the areas they would in a traditional face-to-face treatment to achieve the same effect.

There is nothing the participant needs to do for this session other that be in a comfortable position, either laying down or sitting, in a quiet space where they won't be disturbed. The sensations felt during the treatment are much the same as a normal treatment with some believing that they are even more relaxed.

Animal Reiki

Much like we benefit from healing energy, animals can also comfort and be helpful for their overall wellbeing. Animals are often much more 'aware of' the energies around us. This is shown when they respond to environment changes long before most people notice, e.g. earthquakes. As animals do not communicate in the same way we do their treatments are often a bit different, some relax into it and stay in one position the entire time while others may wander around to get more comfortable. The practitioner is trained to read the signs given and act appropriately, if they need to follow or sometimes back off.

Reiki is not a cure for any illness or behavioural issues but it is a holistic approach that promote the animals healing process.

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About Me

My name is Ciara and I am an experienced Reiki Practioner. I have studied Reiki levels one & two, I also have a background in animal studies with a bachelor's with honours in animal biology. 

I first got into Reiki when I had my first treatment back in 2015, the experience was amazing as the energy I felt in the moment was something I had never felt before although I am an intuitive person the energy in that setting was transformative.

I suffered with high anxiety growing up and chronic pain, for a time after any Reiki treatment I had my symptoms seemed to ease and I could think more clearly and be able to relax. I've had a few treatments since then and they've all had that incredible healing and gentle nature. 

As the years have gone on I have met more and more people that say they had such positive experiences with the Reiki and as someone who is already drawn to wanting to help others and empathetic to the world around me I started to look out for places where I got to learn this healing practice. 

Finally found the right Reiki Master for myself and my journey was key to opening this door for myself and leading me on this path to help others.